The capital projects group at EIS handles projects ranging in size and complexity from $5k to $5MM (engineering cost) and from a simple safety shower installation to the complete engineering and design of a new tank farm or unit expansion in a major refinery. Our staff includes engineers in the following disciplines mechanical, civil/structural, instrumentation and electrical and chemical/process. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, our engineers follow a few key principles to ensure consistent, quality engineering and design is achieved for each and every EIS client. We also strive to reduce unnecessary costs to our clients. This is achieved as follows:

  • Effective use of Project Development and Execution Principles.
  • Methodical approach to all Project Development and Execution phases.
  • We are intimately familiar with industrial operations, as well as OSHA compliance.
  • We utilize stringent hiring techniques and criteria. Our primary goal is to employ experienced personnel.
  • We manage staff levels in accordance to current job requirements.
  • We utilize industry best practices and engineering standards.
  • Weekly tracking of all costs and schedules.
  • Our OSHA incident rate is 0.0

This management approach has allowed our company to provide the technical expertise expected from clients at a reasonable cost. EIS prides itself on this efficiency and passes the savings on to our clients in the form of one of the lowest multipliers in the industry.

EIS emphasizes safety, reliability, constructability and ergonomics in each design. This is achieved through working closely with Plant Operations and Maintenance personnel for project development and execution in consideration of the following points:

  • Tie-ins
  • hot taps vs. cold cut
  • valve location, pinch points
  • operator accessibility, maintenance requirements
  • minimize field work (piping field fit welds)
  • Lifting and loading requirements
  • Recent Capital Project Examples
  • Design and installation of high speed centrifuge and filtration systems
  • Design and installation of lube oil exchanger
  • Design and installation of Sulfonic Acid Rundown exchanger
  • Provide onsite technical support for technical groups
  • Design and installation of new Asphaltene control loop
  • Design and installation of new seal piping
  • Provide I/E design services onsite
  • Design of piping and infrastructure for installation of new crude oil storage tank



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