In addition to plant engineering, capital projects, and design services, EIS also provides specialty services such as Stress Analysis on both new and existing designs. EIS employs a team of engineers with the expertise to perform stress analysis on new designs, as well as on existing designs including:

  • Pipe Stress
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Structural

Utilizing software such as:

  • Caesar II
  • PV Elite

Example of Pipe Stress Analysis & Re-design

A client approached EIS based on a recommendation from the construction company that was executing another engineering firmís design for their hot asphalt piping system. The design included a large number of expansion joints that were supposed to accommodate the movement in the piping due to the extreme temperatures. Both the construction manager and the vendor who provided the expansions joints expressed concern that the design would not be sufficient in this regard and recommended having a stress analysis performed on the piping system prior to startup.

EISí engineers evaluated the system and performed the stress analysis, which confirmed suspicions that the system would indeed encounter leaks and joint failures if commissioned in its existing configuration. EIS also performed the necessary redesign of the piping system.
  • As a result of the pipe stress analysis and subsequent pipe configuration redesign, the client was able to remove over 60 expansion joints from service plant wide.
  • After restocking fees the client saved over $300,000 in expansion joint costs.
  • The client was able to significantly reduce exposure to leaks and joint failure.
  • System is currently in operation with zero leaks or failures.



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