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Key Benefits of EIS:

EIS uses a stringent vetting and screening process to find the most suitable candidates for our clients’ hiring and staffing needs. Our experienced team invests time in building relationships with the candidates that our clients would love to hire, but who may not be actively seeking new employment. EIS finds, interviews, and vets these passive candidates so that we have just the right resources available when our clients are ready to hire.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their technical needs and their team culture. Our recruiting team will present only those candidates who have been thoroughly screened for both qualifications and organizational fit.


At EIS, we strive to find the best candidates and continuously work to keep them. Our goal is for our employees to remain engaged, challenged, and satisfied in their jobs. This focus on retention benefits our clients by:

  • Less time and resources spent re-training new employees.
  • Increased level of experience and knowledge of client facilities and work processes.
  • Improved morale.


EIS has the knowledge and experience to provide inspection support for our clients.

  • On-stream Inspectors: Full-time site-based inspectors to support routine inspection activities and programs.
  • Turnaround Support: Experienced inspectors to support our clients before, during and after maintenance turnarounds.
  • Special Projects: Temporary personnel to support capital projects and special emphasis initiatives.
  • Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Services
  • Specialty Engineering Services